Statistics published by UNHCR are compiled by UNHCR's Headquarters in Geneva and based on data received mainly from the States that are hosting refugees and asylum-seekers.

In the case of Ireland, this data is primarily compiled by the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner and the Refugee Appeals Tribunal.

Any questions on national statistics are best sourced from national asylum bodies. However, UNHCR does compile and analyse statistics from most asylum-receiving States and UNHCR issues quarterly and annual statistical reports. This information can be found here (links with global site).

Our office can offer assistance if you have any difficulty in interpreting UNHCR's statistics.

A comprehensive source of UNHCR's international publications can also be found here (links with global site). Some of UNHCR Ireland's publications are visible below.

Mapping Integration

UNHCR's project report on refugee integration in Ireland (April 2009).

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Reporting on refugees

Guidelines by and for journalists on reporting refugee issues, produced with the National Union of Journalists (pdf).

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Numbers are important in the aid business and UNHCR's statisticians monitor them daily.

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