UNHCR to Launch Photo Exhibition 60 Years – Stories of Survival and Safe Haven

11 June 2011

© UNHCR/P.BehanOn the 20th June 2011, UNHCR Ireland will launch a photo exhibition in The chq Building, Dublin 1. The exhibition, entitled 60 Years – Stories of Survival and Safe Haven, features portraits of eleven refugees who came to Ireland over the past six decades. The photos have all been taken by award winning photo journalists from Irish photo collective - The Lightstalkers (http://www.lightstalkers.org/ ).

The exhibition will mark the 60th Anniversary of the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and brings to life Ireland’s little known tradition in past decades of providing a safe haven to those in need of international protection from persecution, terror, fear and conflict.

The people depicted in the exhibition summoned enormous courage to survive and rebuild their shattered lives. Each one has a remarkable story that tells of resilience in the face of great loss. Whilst their stories involve much turmoil, they are intertwined with the generosity and support they received from local communities where they settled to rebuild their lives.

© UNHCR/C.RodwellThe exhibition documents the experiences of Hungarian refugees who came to Ireland in 1956 to escape the Soviet tanks, Chilean refugees forced to flee in the 1970's after the Pinochet coup, the Vietnamese 'boat people' who were resettled in Ireland in the late 70's following the fall of Saigon and stories from refugees of a contemporary nature from Iraq, Somalia, Myanmar, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 60 Years - Stories of Survival and Safe Haven tells the story of people who came to Ireland looking for refuge and how they found a home.

The exhibition will be displayed at The chq Building, IFSC, Docklands, Dublin 1 and will run from Monday June 20th until Thursday June 23rd, from 9.30am to 6.30pm daily. Entry is free and everyone is welcome. Facebook Event.

For more watch the RTE News report on the launch



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