As European societies become more multi-cultural, the need to raise awareness and promote understanding of the many reasons for which people are forced to leave their own countries grows. UNHCR supplies a wide range of educational resources for all ages. These are available on request and include posters, lesson plans, DVDs and an online interactive game. Key facts booklets and magazines for young people are also available, all aimed at providing information on the reality of life as a refugee, asylum seeker, internally displaced person or stateless person. UNHCR staff in Ireland regularly give talks and presentations to university, and secondary and primary school students on a variety of issues. Please contact the External Relations Unit for more information.

Not Just Numbers – School Toolkit

“Not Just Numbers” is a toolkit about migration and asylum in the European Union produced by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR.

The toolkit, in English agus as Gaeilge, provides young people with the opportunity to understand that behind each anonymous statistic related to migration and asylum there is a human face and a personal story. In doing so it also addresses issues related to discrimination and xenophobia.

Please contact Jody Clarke (clarke@unhcr.org) with details of your school, class age and number of students  to order a copy or click here for more details on the toolkit contents.

Irish language version (pdf)

A Not Just Numbers teacher's manual is available 'as Gaeilge' and the DVD can be set to contain Irish subtitles.

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English language version (pdf)

The Not Just Numbers teacher manual in English.

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A DVD can be ordered from UNHCR Ireland, but we ask you to download the teacher's manual for additional material. Alternatively, the portraits on the DVD can be viewed and used off the Not Just Numbers web page, by clicking on this Portraits link.

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UNHCR and Education

In the midst of conflict, education is often seen as a luxury for refugees or internally displaced people who are also struggling for food and shelter. Read more about Education and UNHCR's work worldwide on our global website.

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